Friday, December 21, 2012

An Excerpt from my Article on Student Council

I mention many names in the article when referring to executive members in the council, because it is meant for the school newspaper, so I won't post the whole thing. Below are some snippets I picked out that don't give away any personal information. They are in order, but not connected. 

            When I joined the student council in grade 8 I was graced with the experience of being the only grade 8 there. Shyness ensued. Much has changed since then through three years of being grade representative and one as a secretary. I dedicate this article to the club to which I happily offer all my Wednesday lunch times.

            In grade eight, as part of my duties of a grade representative, I held a survey in each of my classes for theme day ideas. Suggestions like “instead of having school end earlier, have it start later” were tempting, but alas, beyond our reach. Our student council, though hard working and influential, has no control over the school schedule. The student council is run by students and for the students. 

The biggest part our success is teamwork. Without the dedication of the entire group and our joint effort, we would not be able to pull off all the events our school knows and loves. I won’t go as far as calling us a great big family because that is the epitome of clichés, but we are a great group of friends. We bond over so many different experiences, and friendship makes what we do all the more fun. 

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