Saturday, February 23, 2013

Multiple Views

Dry leaves left over from autumn rest wedged between smooth round stones. The myriad of textures create soft shadows that seep through the crevices between the rocks. The golden brown of the leaves drape over the steely blue, speckled creamy white, and streaked and spattered grey of the pebbles; seeking refuge. 

Dead leaves upon rocks. Temporary existence upon permanence. In winter, the remnants of soft green foliage wither away in dry and cracking pieces on top of smooth, dirt dusted pebbles that have endured decades of change of seasons. The thin veins that once provided nutrients to the leaf rise starkly against the decaying bits. 

In death, the drying curves of the leaf curl inwards, reaching for the center of the vein that once fed it life. It is brighter than its surroundings, perhaps trying to cling onto the sunlight it once thrived in. There is a smooth grey stone rising from the shadows. It is time to claim the leaf as one of the inanimate. 


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