Saturday, May 4, 2013


                She was a fickle lover – a manizer in every definition.

                And it reflected on everything she did in life. She shot for the stars, and then looked upon them with distain once she reached them. She only wanted what she did not yet have, and whatever was readily available to her was immediately inadequate.

                She lusted for power. She lusted for wealth. She lusted for love. And she experienced each one tenfold. She had a way with words and a charisma that could not be ignored.  She was always rising, and never looking back. The few that had the luck of keeping up with her remained by her side as her only true friends, while the rest were trampled to the ground as she ascended.

                She was a girl that wanted it all. And she was the girl that got it all.

                Until now. 

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